Carolyn Crimi

Carolyn Crimi cannot imagine that there's anything you need to know about her that she hasn't already written about extensively on her website, so please, visit that. Don't make her repeat the same ole, same ole. That makes her cranky.

If you are feeling even more curious about Carolyn Crimi, here are a few articles about her:

Still curious? Okay, here's a list of her books. But that's it!

The Louds Move In!
illustrated by Regan Dunnick, Marshall Cavendish
Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies
illustrated by John Manders, Candlewick Press
Boris and Bella
illustrated by Gris Grimly, Harcourt
Get Busy, Beaver!
illustrated by Janie Bynum, Orchard Books
Tessa's Tip-Tapping Toes
illustrated by Marsha Grey Carrington, Orchard Books
Don't Need Friends
illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, Random House
Outside, Inside
illustrated by Linnea Asplind Riley, Simon & Schuster