About Us!

We are The Three Silly Chicks, though we also answer to the names Andrea Beaty, Carolyn Crimi and Julia Durango.

Here are three things to know about us:

1. We are authors who write funny books for kids. Sometimes, we also write books that are serious. (Sometimes, we can actually tell the difference.)

2. We all live in Chicagoland. It's a lot like Disneyland without the mice.

3. We love funny books. Funny kids. Funny hats. And funions. Okay, we don't really love funions, but we love the word "funions." It's funnier than the word "bunions" and that's saying something.

4. All of us love visiting schools and libraries to talk about writing and reading and--when the moon is blue--arithmetic.

5. You can find us on Facebook!

For more information about each of us, our books, and our school visits:

Andrea Beaty

Carolyn Crimi

Julia Durango

Review Policies: The Three Silly Chicks are no longer accepting review copies of books from publishers or individuals. Thanks you!